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At Melbourne Heights, we want to help you grow closer to God.


Most people come to church, at least in part, to grow in their relationship with God. We're no different at Melbourne Heights. We are a family of individuals who are trying to grow closer to Jesus together.


And even though we aren't the biggest church in Louisville, we're okay with that. Being smaller means that we can really get to know you and help you grow closer to Jesus too whether you're just hearing about him for the first time, or if you've been a part of our church for years, or if you're somewhere in between.

Who We Are

The word "church" can mean many things to many people. Some people think of buildings, others think of denominational loyalties, others simply do not know what to think.  So allow us to share who we are and what we do here at Melbourne Heights Baptist Church.


We all know that there is pain and suffering in our world.  Yet Christians believe in a God who joined us in our suffering by becoming a human being, and not only did our God join us in our suffering - our God is working to end all suffering.  In worship we engage the God who picks us up, brushes us off, and restores our love for one another, and for God.  


The language of the church is a language of community, where all Christians come together to be the presence of Christ in this world.  So we strive to be a community of believers, rather than simply individuals who go to church together. 


Our relationship with God is not a destination: it is a journey, and along this journey we must continue to grow in our faith. This is why we spend time studying the Bible and discussing spiritual disciplines together, because we want all Christians to become more like Jesus Christ.


We are passionate about God, and what God can do in our lives.  From our passions stems our desire for others to experience the presence of Jesus Christ, and to know God for themselves. By reaching out we hope to show our community the presence of Christ, in order that they may come to know God. 

Our History.

Where We Started

Melbourne Heights began back in 1951 when a small group of people saw the need to start a church in a growing area of Louisville, KY.


At the time that area was called Melbourne Heights, but it eventually came to be known as Hikes Point. But we continue to proudly call ourselves Melbourne Heights because our name shows our 60+ year history of ministering to our city and our community.


Although a lot has changed over the years, we have always been committed to helping people grow closer to God and to each other.

Where We're Headed

More than ever, Melbourne Heights is committed to growing closer to God together. We're doing this by simplifying the way we do church.


We're focused on putting together the best worship service we can to help you worship God. We're committed to helping you connect with a group of people that you can explore your faith with. And we're passionate about helping you find the best places for you to serve because our relationship with Jesus means nothing if it doesn't impact the world.


So wherever you're at in your life you're welcome here, and we look forward to helping you grow in Christ.

Meet Our Team.

Adam Schell

Adam has been our Senior Pastor since 2011.


He has a Masters of Divinity from Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, and a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Georgetown College.


Fun Fact: Adam has over 300 Funko Pops including one of himself. 

Leslie Brockelsby

Leslie has been our Worship Pastor since 2006


She has a Bachelor of Music from Georgetown College.


Fun Fact: Leslie knows all the words to all of the Veggie Tales Songs, but knows exactly where she keeps her hairbrush.

Joe Noland

Joe has been our Youth Pastor since 2014


He has a Masters of Theology and Bachelor of Science in Educational Ministries from Campbellsville University


Fun Fact: Joe's not really an astronaut, he just plays one at VBS.

Michelle Cloud

Michelle has been our Kids Pastor since 2004


She has a Bachelor of Science in Education/Special Education from University of the Cumberlands.


Fun Fact: Michelle has made over 200 quilts. 

Laura Hovis

Laura has been our Administrative Assistant since 2021


She has a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Arts from Liberty University.


Fun Fact: Laura loves all things dachshunds, Hobby Lobby and crafts. 

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