Confessions of a Pastor

5 Sermons | July 19-August 16, 2020

What's it like to be a pastor? Is it all about writing sermons and showing up on Sundays? Or is there more to being a minister...something that can help us all grow in our faith? 


Our pastor, Adam Schell, has been in ministry for over 13 years (with 9 of them spent at Melbourne Heights). In this series, he'll reflect on some of the lessons he's learned and talk about how those lessons can help us grow closer to God.

Sermon 1

Looking Like a Duck

July 19, 2020

On July 15th, our pastor--Adam Schell--celebrated his 13th anniversary of being a pastor...he's spent 8 1/2 of those years with us at Melbourne Heights. So, starting this Sunday, July 19, he's going to be reflecting on some of the lessons he's learned over the last thirteen years in a series called "Confessions of a Pastor."


And his first confession has to do with that old expression, "If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and walks like a duck then it's probably a duck."

Sermon 2

Let Down

July 26, 2020

A lot of us want to put our pastors on a pedestal. But no matter how great our pastors may be...they'll never be perfect. Our pastors will make mistakes and let you down. But in this week's sermon, we'll be reminded that our pastors aren't meant to be perfect, they're meant to point us to the one who is perfect.

Sermon 3

1 > 99

August 2, 2020

It may not make sense mathematically but, after 13 years in ministry, our pastor has learned that one is greater than 99. In this week's sermon, he'll explain what that means.

Sermon 4

Everybody Hurts

August 9, 2020

We're continuing on in our "Confessions of a Pastor" sermon series. And for this week's confession, our pastor borrows a line from the old REM song to remind us that "everybody hurts" and that includes pastors.

Sermon 5

Confessions from a Pandemic

August 16, 2020

Over the last few weeks, our pastor has shared some of the lessons that he's learned over his 13 years in ministry. But this week, Adam will be talking about what it's been like to be a pastor during the COVID-19 pandemic.