Resources to help you grow in your faith

Faith is a journey, not a destination


 It does not matter if you have just committed your life to following Jesus or if you've been a Christian for years, we all must continue growing in our relationship with God. 

Here are a few resources to help you grow in your faith.

Need a Bible?

We believe that the Bible is a written record where God reveals who He is, who we are, and what God wants for our lives. So, if we're going to grow in our faith, we need to spend time reading the Bible.


If you need a Bible, we highly recommend you begin with the YouVersion Bible App. The Bible App includes 67 different translations, which will help you find the right version for you.

How to Read the Bible

Yes, reading the Bible is essential if you want to grow in your relationship with God...but that doesn't mean it's easy. The Bible is unlike any other book that we're familiar with, so don't feel bad if you need a little help getting started.


Below is a link to a series of videos, produced by The Bible Project, that will help you learn about the Bible and how to read it well.

Bible Reading Plan

There are a million different ways to read the Bible, but the most important thing you can do is to have a plan on how you will read.


We recommend a series of readings, provided by Through the Word, that will help you follow Jesus’ story and understand the basics of Christianity in just ten minutes a day, with insights for Bible-curious to Bible-fans.

The Bible for Younger Kids

We want to help every kid learn to love the Bible, and there is no better place to start than with the Bible App for Kids.


This app is designed just like a storybook, and it walks your kids through more than 40 different stories from the Bible. These stories cover everything from creation, to Jesus' crucifixion & resurrection, to the book of Revelation.

The Bible for Older Kids

As your kids get a little older and start outgrowing the storybook phase, it can be challenging to help them to continue to grow in their faith. As they transition from childhood into adolescence, you'll need new resources to help your older kids engage the Bible on an appropriate level.


Here is a link to a blog post that provides resources for older kids.