Heart of Worship

3 Sermons | January 31-February 14, 2021

Since we began worshiping together online last March, we have talked about a lot of different things during our services. We've talked about the pandemic and what the future may hold. We've talked about how we can have healthier relationships at home and how we can follow Jesus in every area of our lives...but we haven't spent much time talking about why worship.


In this series, we'll be talking about what's at the heart of our worship and how we can do a better job of worshiping.

Sermon 1

God is Present

January 31, 2021

We come together every Sunday to worship...but what does that mean? Is worship just about watching a video for 45 minutes on a Sunday morning, or is there something more to it?


Of course, there is more to it. In worship, we get to encounter God. So, in this sermon, we'll be talking about who God is and we'll try to understand why we sometimes forgot that God is at the heart of everything we do in worship.

Sermon 2

Real Praise

February 7, 2021

Our God is the God who created the heavens and the earth and everything in them...but our God isn't just a big and awesome God. Our God is also a God that is present in our lives every moment of every day.


So how do we respond to God's presence in our lives? We respond by praising God. And praising God is about more than just singing a song or two. So, in this sermon, we'll talk about what real praise looks like.

Sermon 3

Changing Priorities

February 14, 2021

When you realize that God is present in your life every moment of every day, you should enjoy praising God and celebrating what he is doing in your life. But real worship is about more than just having a big ole party for God.


Real worship also requires us to change ourselves for the God who is present in our lives. So, in this sermon, we'll talk about what God's priorities are for each of us and how we can change ourselves to be the people God created us to be.