Holy Week

6 Sermons | February 21-March 28, 2021

Holy week was not only one of the most difficult periods in Jesus' life, but it was also one of the most difficult times in the history of the church. Throughout this one week, Jesus faced isolation and betrayal, he faced torture and humiliation, he faced agony and death.


In the weeks leading up to Easter this year, we will be exploring some of the events of Holy Week. And through these events, we will learn how we can continue to follow Jesus even when we face difficult times.

Sermon 1

Entering Jerusalem

February 21, 2021

Holy week begins with Jesus entering into Jerusalem. But there is far more to the story than Jesus coming to town. Everything in this story is meant to show us who Jesus is: Jesus is our king.


But Jesus isn't treated like a king for long. Five days later Jesus will be crucified. But in the story of his entry in Jerusalem, we're reminded that nothing can change who Jesus really is. And we're inspired to trust Jesus no matter what we may face.

Sermon 2

Cleansing the Temple

February 28, 2021

On Holy Monday, Jesus enters the Temple in Jerusalem...and he's not real happy about what he sees when he gets there. In this week's sermon, we're going to discuss what was happening in the Temple, why it was happening, and what made Jesus so angry. We'll also see what we can learn from Jesus' anger to help us continue to follow God when we face difficult times.

Sermon 3

Jesus & the Fig Tree

March 7, 2021

Holy Week is filled with some of the most significant events in the entire Bible. From Jesus' triumphal entry, to the last supper, to the crucifixion. But on Holy Tuesday, we read a story about Jesus picking fruit?


Why is this story of Jesus and the fig tree included in the stories of Holy Week? And more importantly, what can it teach us about how we can follow Jesus during difficult times? That's what we'll be exploring in this sermon.

Sermon 4

The Last Supper

March 14, 2021

Only hours before he will be arrested and put on trial, Jesus gathers together with his disciples to share a meal in a borrowed room. We can only imagine how much the events that would soon unfold weighed on Jesus' mind that night.


But in spite of what he would soon face, Jesus remains more focused on his disciples than he is on himself. So what can we learn from Jesus' selfless behavior to help us follow God through difficult times in our own lives?

Sermon 5

The Crucifixtion

March 21, 2021

As Easter approaches, there are times when we can falsely believe that Jesus is the only one who died on a cross. But Jesus was far from the only one to ever experienced this horrific form of execution.


As Jesus hung on the cross, he actually had another person on each side of him. And, as we look at how these two criminals behaved during the hardest moments in their lives,  we can learn a lot about following God in difficult times in our own lives.

Sermon 6

Carrying the Cross

March 28, 2021

After being viciously tortured, Jesus was unable to carry his own cross all the way to the place where he would be executed. So another man, Simon of Cyrene, was pulled from the crowds and forced to carry Jesus' cross.


Although we don't know much about Simon, there are hints that this event changed his life forever. In this sermon we'll see what we can learn from Simon's experience that can change us too.