It's Not What You Think

2 Sermons | September 26-October 3, 2021

Just about everybody has some image that comes to mind when they think about the words "Christian" and "Bible." But even though we think we know exactly what these words mean, there's a lot more to each of them.


In this two week sermon series, we'll find out that being a Christian means more than just being saved, and that the Bible is more than just a really old book.

Sermon 1

Being a Christian

September 26, 2021

There are people out there that will try to convince you that all you have to do to be a Christians is say a little prayer. They'll tell you that once you pray this prayer, Jesus will come into your life and then everything in your life will be perfect from that moment forward.


But there's more to being a Christian than saying a prayer. In this sermon, we'll be exploring what it really means to follow Jesus. And we'll find out that it may not mean what you think.

Sermon 2

The Bible

October 3, 2021

There are a lot of words that people use to describe the Bible. You'll hear people talk about the Bible being all knowing, all seeing, infallible, and our first and last line of defense against the darkness of this world. 


But is that really what the Bible is? In this sermon, we'll be exploring some of the things that we say about the Bible, and we'll also discover that the Bible is way more than we think it is.