7 Sermons | Dec 26, 2021 - Feb 6, 2022

A mosaic is a type of art that is made by arranging smaller pieces to form a bigger picture. But there isn't a single piece in a mosaic that reveals the whole picture. 


Throughout the Gospels, we get small pieces to help us see who Jesus is. But it's not until we put all of these pieces together that we can appreciate the bigger picture of who Jesus really is and what that means for us.

Sermon 1

The Picture of Jesus

December 26, 2021

After Jesus was born, some people were so excited to meet him that they traveled for months on end. But not everyone felt the same way. One man wanted to kill this baby, others wanted to ignore Jesus altogether.


As we try to better understand who Jesus is, we face the same choice these people did. We can meet Jesus with excitement - knowing he will change us. We can want nothing to do with Jesus. Or we can ignore him. But we all have to decide.

Sermon 2

Just Like Jesus

January 2, 2022

As Jesus stepped into the waters of the Jordan River to be baptized, he couldn't have been in a more ordinary place...but this ordinary place would show us just how extraordinary Jesus is.


As Jesus stepped into the waters of the Jordan River to be baptized, Jesus showed us that he is both ordinary & extraordinary. Jesus showed us that he is just like us & greater than we will ever be able to understand.


Sermon 3

A New Kingdom

January 9, 2022

We live in a world that can feel obsessed with gaining wealth and power regardless of the cost. We live in a world that can feel obsessed with privilege and pedigree - where who you know is more important than who you are. We live in a world where we're only worried about ourselves.


But in the book of Mark, Jesus tells us that a new kingdom - the kingdom of God - is near. And the kingdom of God will turn this world upside for good.

Sermon 4


January 16, 2022

Before Nathanael meets Jesus, he wonders if anything good can come from Nazareth. So before he even got to know Jesus, Nathanael wanted to reject Jesus.


But even though Nathanael wanted to reject Jesus, Jesus doesn't reject Nathanael. Jesus accepts us all. How different would our world be if we acted more like Jesus and less like Nathanael?


Sermon 5

Performing Miracles

January 23, 2022

From feeding the multitudes to healing the sick; Jesus performed plenty of miracles during his time on this earth. But when we struggle to see God at work in our world today, it's easy to wonder: Do miracles really happen?


In this sermon, we'll talk about what we can learn from about Jesus from the miracles that he performed. And we'll be inspired to find ways to be a miracle for others.

Sermon 6

Disappearing Act

January 30, 2022

What do a fictional racecar, a football fullback, and Jesus have in common? All three of them disappeared when they were on the verge of accomplishing something incredible.


When Jesus was on the verge of creating an incredible ministry in the small town of Capernaum, and in this message we'll see what Jesus' disappearing act can teach us about God's priorities.

Sermon 7

The Real Jesus

February 6, 2022

When Jesus asked his disciples, "Who do people say that I am?" they answered that some people thought he was John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah, or one of the other prophets.


But even though a lot of people thought Jesus was a prophet, in this week's service, we'll be reminded that Jesus was so much more than that.