Moving Forward

4 Sermons | September 4-25, 2022

From starting at a new school to moving to a new is filled with changes and transitions. So how do you keep moving forward in healthy ways? 


In this series, we'll be talking about things that you can do today to help you move forward whenever changes happen in your life.

Sermon 1

Get There Fast

September 4, 2022

It doesn't matter if you're talking about arriving at your destination when you're on vacation or reaching a goal you've set in your life...when we know where we want to go, we want to get there as fast as we can. 


But rather than racing through life, trying to get from one point to the next, we need to remember that there are lessons to learn on every step of our journey.

Sermon 2

No Matter What

September 11, 2022

From choosing a destination, to figuring out how you'll travel, to deciding on what you'll do and where you'll eat when you can be a lot of work to plan a trip. But no matter how much work you put into planning, there is no such thing as a perfect trip.


So what do you do when things don't go according to plan? In this sermon, we'll talk about how you can move forward even when life throws you a curve ball.

Sermon 3

The Right Place

September 18, 2022

Have you ever sat in the wrong seat at a ball game or went to the wrong restaurant to meet up with your friends? We've all had moments where we have been convinced we were in the right spot only to find out that we weren't.


But when it comes to our faith, whenever God wants us to move forward, it's not because we were in the wrong's because God has a better place for us to be.

Sermon 4

What Now?

September 25, 2022

If you've ever had your car break down, or lost your luggage while traveling, or had a fussy baby that wouldn't stop crying; then you know what it's like to wonder "What now?" We wonder "What now?" whenever we aren't sure how to proceed.


However, as followers of Jesus, there is always one thing we need do even when we're not sure how to move forward. As followers of Jesus, we are always called to make disciples.