5 Sermons | May 30-June 27, 2021

Prayer is one of the most essential practices of our faith. But even though we all know that prayer is important to our relationship with God, that doesn't mean that we have perfected our prayers.


In this series, we'll be taking a deeper look at what prayer really is and we'll be encouraged to take our own prayers to the next level. Because prayer is our chance to connect with the God who created us and to share with God what is really happening in our lives.

Sermon 1

Out of Control

May 30, 2021

As life begins to return to normal, many of us feel anxious about what the future holds. Whether it's taking off our masks, getting on an airplane, or eating inside a crowded restaurant again; there's a little to feel anxious about.


So what do we do when we experience these occasional bouts of anxiety? What do we do when we feel like things are beyond our control? We turn to the one who is always in control and share our fears and anxieties with God through prayer.

Sermon 2

God's Promises

June 6, 2021

One of the most common definitions that you'll hear for prayer is that prayer is talking to God. And this means that many of us do all the talking when we pray. But prayer is really a two-way street. So a better definition is that prayer is talking with God.


So, when we pray, we need learn to do a better job of listening to God. In this sermon, we'll talk about how we can listen to what God wants for us and from us.

Sermon 3


June 13, 2021

Often when we talk about prayer, we say that we will pray for someone or something. But when you for someone or something, how many times do you really pray for them? If you're like many people, praying for someone or something means that you might pray about it once or twice.


But what if God wants us to do more than just pray for? What if God wants us to pray through? What if God wants us to pray and keep praying until something happens? In this sermon we'll talk about how we can be more persistent in our prayers.

Sermon 4

Getting Specific

June 20, 2021

Have you ever noticed that some people sound completely different when they talk to God than they do when they talk to other people? Sometimes they talk to God and sound like they're reading from the King James Version of the Bible or like they've just discovered a Thesaurus.


But God doesn't care how elegant our prayers sound. What God really cares about is that we are real when we pray. And being real means that we aren't afraid to tell God how we really feel or to ask God for what we really want. 

Sermon 5

Praising God

June 27, 2021

There are times when we pray when it sounds like God is little more than our Amazon Wish List. We constantly make requests of God, asking God to do more and more for us.


But, when we pray, we can't lose sight of who we are praying to. When we pray, we are entering into the presence of the God who created the heavens and the earth and everything in them...including us. So rather than seeing prayer as a time to ask for more, we need to remember prayer should be a time to thank God for what God has already done.