The Characters of Christmas

December 3, 2023-January 7, 2024 | 6 Sermons

We're all used to seeing Nativity scenes at Christmas. But we've become so familiar with seeing little figurines of Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and the wise men that we forget they were real people with real problems.


So this Christmas, we'll be exploring the stories of some of the characters of Christmas to see how Jesus' arrival changed their lives forever.

Enough Is Enough

November 12-26, 2023 | 3 Sermons

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving each year, it feels like everyone has tips and tricks to make us more thankful. But the truth is that in spite of all of these tips and tricks, we still aren't great at being grateful.


And we're never going to be great and being grateful until we realize that God has given each of us enough...and enough needs to be enough for us.

Ghost Stories

October 15-November 5, 2023 | 4 Sermons

Halloween is a time for trick or treating, scary movies, and ghost stories. But not all ghost stories are about spooky specters of things that go bump in the night.


Our faith is filled with stories about the Holy Ghost (or the Holy Spirit). And these aren't stories we tell around campfires to creep each other out. These are stories we tell in church to help us understand who God is and how God works in our lives.

On Our Side

October 1-8, 2023 | 2 Sermons

Life is hard. Disappointments, struggles, challenges are plenty. When we are downcast, we have hope. 


God is on our side. If God is for us, who can be against us? 

Above All

September 3-24, 2023 | 4 Sermons

In one of his plays, William Shakespeare once famously asked, "What's in a name?" But when it comes to God the answer to that question is, "A lot."


In the Bible, names reveal the very nature of who someone is. And that's true when it comes to the names for God we find in the Bible. So in this series, we'll explore some of the common names for God we find in the Bible and see what each name reveals about who God is.

God on Film

August 6-27, 2023 | 4 Sermons

What can blockbuster films teach us about faith? In our new "God on Film" series, we'll find that movies can teach us a lot. Together we'll explore lessons about Christianity found in everything from animated adventures to Academy Award winners.


Join us as we look at cinema through the lens of Scripture to see what films can teach us about our faith. 


July 2-30, 2023 | 5 Sermons

Some of the most important lessons we learn in life are imprinted on us when we're kids. From learning to share, or play fair, or clean up our own messes; these are timeless lessons we shouldn't forget.


But sometimes, as we grow up, we put the lessons of our childhood behind us. In this sermon series, we'll be reminded just how important the life lessons from our childhood can be.

The Fight for Joy

June 18-25, 2023 | 2 Sermons

We all want joy in our lives. But we also know that life can throw us into unexpected battles where we find ourselves grappling with hardships, uncertainty, and despair. So if we want to joy in our lives we have to be willing to fight for it.


In this series, we'll learn more about what joy is and why it's worth fighting for. And we'll also delve into practical ways that you can fight for joy in your life.


May 28-June 11, 2023 | 3 Sermons

All healthy things grow. That's true for plants and animals. Andit's true for your faith. But how do you make sure your faith is growing? Well, that's a little more complicated.


Measuring your faith isn't as simple as holding up a ruler beside a plant, or weighing an animal. So in this series, we'll talk about what you can do to make sure your faith is growing.

Before You Give Up

April 16-May 21, 2023 | 6 Sermons

Whether you've received a troubling diagnosis from your doctor, or hit a rough patch in your marriage, or reached your breaking point at work; we've all had times when we've been ready to give up.


And that means that we all need to know how we can keep going when we're ready to quit. In this series, we'll talk about things that we all need to know before we give up.

Easter | A Sunday World

April 9, 2023 | 1 Sermon

On Friday, Jesus had been betrayed and abandoned. On Friday, Jesus was convicted and sentenced to death. On Friday, Jesus was tortured and died on the cross...but that was Friday.


On Sunday, Jesus rose from the grave. And when Jesus was resurrected, the world changed. We know longer have to live in a Friday kind of world, we can live in a Sunday world.

Follow Me?

February 26-April 2, 2023 | 6 Sermons

Time and time again, when Jesus called his disciples he said to them, "Follow me." Jesus want us to do the same thing today, he wants us to follow him...but what does that mean?


In this series, we'll explore what it means to follow Jesus. And we'll also be reminded that every day we get to decide if we're going to follow Jesus or not.

One Small Step

February 5-19, 2023 | 3 Sermons

After Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon he said, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." And he was right. It took one small, easy step for him to reach the surface of the moon...but it took a giant, difficult leap to get him there.


Sometimes we think that sharing our faith can be every bit as difficult as putting a man on the moon. But, in this series, we'll see that all it takes to share our faith are a few small steps.

One Year From Now

January 1-29 | 5 Sermons

From losing weight, to spending less money, to getting better organized, to finding a new hobby; just about everyone has some goals that they want to work on when a new year begins.


But, as followers of Jesus, there is one goal that we should always be working toward. As followers of Jesus we should want to become more like Jesus. In this series, we'll talk about how you can be more like Jesus one year from now.

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