The Best Christmas Ever

4 Sermons | November 27-December 18, 2022

Each year, we all dream of having the best Christmas ever. But no matter how hard we try our Christmas cookies still burn, our Christmas lights get tangled, and we strike on at least a few of the gifts we want to buy.


So instead of trying to make this the best Christmas ever, what would happen if you made the best of whatever this Christmas brings?

Sermon 1

Not a Hallmark Movie

November 27, 2022

If you've ever tuned into the Hallmark Channel leading up to Christmas, it's easy to feel like everyone is having the best Christmas ever...except you. But no matter how pretty a tree may look, or how happy your holiday guests may seem...there's no such thing as a perfect Christmas.


So instead of wishing that your Christmas could be better, may it's time you start focusing on the blessings you already have.

Sermon 2

Turbo Man's Not the Problem

December 4, 2022

In the movie Jingle All the Way, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character spends the entire movie trying to find an action figure for his son as a way to make up for missing out on an important moment in his son's life. But no matter how hard he tries, a toy won't make up for his past mistakes.


Having the best Christmas ever won't make up for your past mistakes either. But Christmas can give you the chance for a clean start.

Sermon 3

Broken Toys

December 11, 2022

In A Christmas Story, all Ralphie wants for Christmas is a BB Gun. But have you ever wondered what would've happened if he didn't get it? Ralphie probably would've spent the day complaining and ruined Christmas for everyone.


Complaining can definitely ruin a good time, so we try to make things perfect so no one can complain. But no matter what, you can't please everyone. So maybe we need to take another approach.

Sermon 4

Our Real Christmas Wish

December 18, 2022

From buying the perfect presents, to putting up the perfect decorations, to baking the perfect cookies...there seems to be a lot of reasons why we want every Christmas to be perfect. But many of these reasons boil down to just one thing: We want to be loved.


In this sermon, we'll be reminded that at Christmas God shows us just how much God loves us all.