The Fight for Joy

2 Sermons | June 18-25, 2023

We all want joy in our lives. But we also know that life can throw us into unexpected battles where we find ourselves grappling with hardships, uncertainty, and despair. So if we want to joy in our lives we have to be willing to fight for it.


In this series, we'll learn more about what joy is and why it's worth fighting for. And we'll also delve into practical ways that you can fight for joy in your life.

Sermon 1

What are we Fighting For?

June 18, 2023

The word Joy is one that the church throws around a lot in music and sermons, but we rarely ask the question "What is Joy?". Why is Joy so important in our walk with Christ?


Joy is often seen as just an emotion that we talk about, but Joy is so much more than that. Joy is more than an emotion when it comes to following Christ.

Sermon 2

A Gift that brings Us Together

June 25, 2023

The world has lots of ways to take away our Joy and divide us. But God has another plan for our life. That plan involves having Joy when all things seem against it. That plan involves sticking together when times seem rough. Joy is more than an emotion, it is a gift that we both give and receive.

We all want to have joy in our lives. But what is joy and why is it worth fighting for? That's what we're talking about int this sermon series.