The Games

3 Sermons | July 25-August 8, 2021

Since the inception of the modern games in 1896, the Olympics has been filled with inspiring stories and incredible athletes. Many of these athletes have faced great adversity merely to reach the Olympics, let alone to bring home a medal.


In this series, we'll be exploring some of the most inspiring stories in the history of the Olympics. And through these stories, we'll see how we can overcome adversity in the race that we call life.

Sermon 1

Never Alone

July 25, 2021

From the original Dream Team to Vitaly Scherbo, the 1992 Olympic Games featured some of the greatest athletes to ever compete in the Olympics. But the most memorable moment from these games didn't happen on a basketball court or during the gymnastics competition.


The most memorable moment from these games happened on the track...and it featured an emotional moment between a son and his father. This story reminds us that our Father is always with us, and we are never alone in the race of life.

Sermon 2


August 1, 2021

There are times in life when we all feel discouraged. We might feel discouraged because of something happening with our health, in our family, or at our job. And when we feel discouraged, we're all tempted to give up.


But in this sermon, we'll hear the remarkable story of a future gold medalist who almost walked away from his sport because of a devastating injury. And through his story, we'll be reminded that we are all stronger than we realize.

Sermon 3

No Exceptions

August 8, 2021

When you sit back and watch the incredible displays of athleticism at the Olympics, it's easy to feel a little inferior. No matter how hard we try, we'll never be on the same level as Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, or any of the other athletes who competed in this year's games.


Fortunately for us, our value as human beings doesn't come from our athletic ability. Our value comes from the God who created us all. And the God who made you loves you more than you can imagine...and there are no exceptions to that.