4 Sermons | October 24-November 14, 2021

From Ant-Man to Wonder Woman, and everyone in between, we all love heroes. But deep down inside, we are all also capable of doing some pretty villainous things.


In this sermon series, we'll be exploring the stories of some of the most infamous villains in the Bible to learn from their mistakes and make sure we don't become the villain in our own stories.

Sermon 1

A Path to Destruction

October 24, 2021

When your talking about villains in the Bible, there's really only one place to start...and that's with the man who betrayed Jesus, Judas Iscariot.


But even though Judas committed one of the most villainous acts in history, there is an important lesson he can teach us to make sure we don't become the villains in our own stories. We all need to realize we are capable of doing villainous things.

Sermon 2

Not Just You

October 31, 2021

From Snidely Whiplash to Biff Tannen to Frankenstein's monster, we all have images that come to our minds when we think about villains. But what makes villains do villainous things?


Well, a lot of villainous acts start with being selfish. So in this sermon, we'll talk about how to avoid selfishness so that we don't become the villain in our own stories.

Sermon 3

Knowing Best

November 7, 2021

We may all love our heroes...but sometimes our heroes turn out to be the villains.


In this week's service, we'll talk about how one man, who should have been a great hero, ended up becoming the villain of his own story instead. And we'll learn from his mistakes so that we don't become the villains in our own stories.

Sermon 4


November 14, 2021

We all have baggage that can cause us to do villainous things. Like we may not be the parents we want to be today because we had a rocky relationship with our own parents. Or we may struggle to trust our co-workers now because people we worked with in the past betrayed us.


But our past doesn't have to define our future. So no matter what baggage we have, and no matter what villainous things we've done; God can still use us to be heroes in the future.